Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2017 Summer Vacation Day 1

Last summer we went to Colorado and survived a day and a half of driving each way, so this year we knew we would go that distance or less in the opposite direction! We chose Orange Beach, Alabama. Again, Mackenzie wanted to fly to Florida, but we drove to Alabama and then had a day trip into Florida.

We were supposed to leave on a monday morning, but on Friday we found out our condo was available a day early, so we left on Sunday!

We stopped in Louisiana for lunch...Jason's deli's are all the same and with 3 picky eaters it was our best bet!

The girls weren't all that impressed with the super long Louisiana bridge. ;)

We cruised right on through Mississippi...
...and into Alabama!

In Mobile, the girls went through their first tunnel.

Plus we saw the battleship from the road...

Leading up to the vacation, we showed the girls pictures of the condo we were renting and Miranda asked, "I wonder what the hallway is going to look like?"  She was quite obsessed because that was the only picture not online.  So here she is in the hallway! ;)

We unloaded and went to dinner at a nice pizza place.  All of us liked our food and had a good time being out of the car!  After shopping for food to take back to the condo, we headed out onto the beach.

The girls were excited about the beach and couldn't wait to go in the water the next day!  But first, sleep!  We chose this particular condo because it had bunk beds and another bed in the same room.  We intended Mackenzie to sleep on the top bunk, but Meredith was scared the first night and then Mackenzie got scared the second night, so they just slept together all 4 nights!

Lots of traveling, but it was nice to be in a condo and not a hotel.

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