Monday, May 8, 2017

Miranda and the petting zoo

Miranda's preschool had their annual Western Day and petting zoo back in March.  Miranda was very excited to dress up.

The above pictures are from walking Mackenzie and Meredith to school, but the one below is at her school.  She's looking at the ponies.

However, the animals in the pen proved to be too much for her!  She was way too scared and would not let go of my hand or leg!

This is her telling me she needed to leave!  We stayed in the pen maybe 5 minutes and she didn't touch a single animal unless it rubbed up against her accidentally.

However, she was excited to ride the pony!

I guess she felt more in control of it since she was on it and it wasn't just running all around her.

Afterwards she was a happy girl!

She still didn't want to go pet animals again, so we played on the playground instead!

I missed seeing Mackenzie at the petting zoo when she was in school, but Meredith went twice and always enjoyed petting the animals.  Miranda, however, is afraid of most animals, so I don't know why I was surprised she didn't like the petting zoo.  Although, I think a lot has changed in the just the last 9 months - basically when she turned 3, because last summer she held a baby chick and pet sheep and goats at a VBS petting zoo.  Well, maybe next year she'll pet the animals. ;)

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