Sunday, May 7, 2017

Fun at the Museum

During Spring Break in March, our family went to the science museum.  It is one of the smaller ones, so we weren't there for long, but it was still fun to do and since we have a membership, it was "free". ;)

The girls are really into rocks and gemstones, so this was fun to see.

They also had a small set up where you could use a microscope to look at different sand from across the US.  Since we are going to Alabama/Florida this summer for our vacation, we made sure we looked at some of their sand too!

They have several dinosaur displays so that is always cool to see.

They also had a little table set up with different animal paws and skeletons to see if you could figure out what animal it belonged to.  This one I think was for the hippopotamus.

And this was the lion skull...

This is the normal display of skulls, so it was cool to see the others on the table.

Some of the animals heads are bigger than Miranda!

I think I like the frog exhibit the most.

Upstairs they had lots of hands on exhibits.

The whisper dome is fun too!  I have a video, but I think it will be too big to upload. :(

We weren't there very much longer after this area.  We did stay for one of the dome theater shows.  It was a little disappointing as it started with the Big Bang theory.  We had just attended a Gospel Meeting about Creationism and Dinosaurs the weekend before, so after the movie we reminded the girls about what we had learned in church and from the Bible.  It was good to be able to to talk about it with them and for them to understand and say, "I know, the movie was wrong.", but it's disappointing that science like that is blasted into kids heads all the time and basically says if you believe in the Bible you are wrong. :(

Anyways, despite the short film, we had fun!

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