Saturday, May 6, 2017

2017 Spring Break

We stayed in town for spring break like we usually do, but we still had a lot of fun during that week in March.  We loved not having to get up and be out the door by 7:55 every day.  Brandon was even able to take off Wednesday through Friday so we had lots of full family time, as well.

I'm not sure what we did on the Saturday of Spring break, but it was probably our typical saturday and day of rest. ;)

On Monday, Mackenzie had a swim lesson.  I have no pictures except for the video of her practicing diving.  She's still working on it! ;)

We all went to dinner, which is a treat since we typically only eat out on Saturdays or Sundays.  It was also warm enough to eat outside, so the girls really liked that.

On Wednesday, our swim lesson place hosted a free swim for parents and children for an hour, so the girls and I went swimming in a heated indoor pool.  They were pretty excited about swimming, going down and slide and doing whatever they wanted in the lesson pool.

After church that night, we all stayed up and watched Moana together.  It was obviously a late night since church doesn't get out until 8!  They thought having a pallet on the floor was pretty cool though and if I remember correctly, they all made it to the end of the movie.  ;)

On thursday, we did our bi-annual trip to paint pottery.

Ring pops for a snack before lunch! ;)

We wound up with some pretty colorful animals!

Later that day we used our fresh strawberries to make a homemade strawberry cake with strawberry frosting.  Mackenzie and I thought it was delicious, but the other girls weren't fans and Brandon has stopped eating sugar. :(

On Friday, Miranda and Meredith had swim lessons, but they had 1 hour between the lessons, so we waited quite a bit.  While we waited, Miranda and I walked next door so she could get a hair cut.

Meredith swam with her favorite instructor and since they hadn't seen each other since august they were very excited to swim together. ;)

While we waited, Brandon told Mackenzie that if he could keep one finger on her for the full 30 minute swim lesson, then she and her sisters could each get a toy from the toy store later that day. She gladly accepted the challenge and survived! ;)

Meredith is still learning to dive and I think it's cute.

After swim lessons, we went to lunch and then the Science Museum in Sugarland.  It's smaller than the Houston one, so we were in and out pretty quickly, but with our membership we got in free, so it all worked out.

Then of course, the girls had to claim their prize for Mackenzie's sacrifice. ;)  The girls chose the strangest toys!  The big girls got a cat and dog that you feed little plastic pieces of food and when you push down it's back end, it poops it out.  They thought that was sooooo cool! ;)  And Miranda would not give up until we let her buy another baby doll!  I'm pretty sure she has at least 10 and that's after I got rid of about 5 at Christmas time! She loves her dolls!

So that's spring break and to be honest that's how we like our spring break.  Busy and yet relaxing at the same time!

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