Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017 Strawberry picking!

Our annual trip to pick strawberries was during our Spring Break in March!  I think this is the year when Miranda will start to remember picking strawberries.  She's the age Mackenzie was when we first started making this trip.  Clearly she was enjoying her time while we waited for Granny! ;)

Meredith was pretty excited as you can see from her running or skipping.

The back fields were open this year so we had walk a little bit to get there.

I had to buy a third bucket this year because apparently the girls can't share and we need a ton of strawberries! Ha!

But once we got to the field we were able to pick right away!

Mackenzie was pretty picky about her strawberries so it took her awhile to fill up her bucket.

The little girls weren't as picky.  Unfortunately, the heavy rain the week before had kind of messed up quite a few of the berries, so we had skip some areas that didn't have any good strawberries.

Buckets are getting full!

I'm pretty sure Mackenzie is smelling this berry! ;)

And in no time, we were finished!  I think we wound up with 6 or 7 pounds of strawberries!

Notice how Meredith and Miranda are not carrying any buckets?!  It's amazing how that works out.  Also, I'm not sure how I managed to take a picture while carrying two buckets full of strawberries. :)

They only had this sign out this year...

After strawberry picking we dropped off our berries at Granny and Papa's and headed to Dairy Queen for lunch!  Eating a blizzard was a great dessert!

We were having such beautiful weather that we hung out outside at Granny and Papa's.  The girls had fun running around the back yard.

This is what Meredith does with her hair all the time - wraps it around her ears.

and running...
and running....
and running...
and done!

Silly girls trying to walk back to back or fight back to back, not sure which.

In the beginning of our time outside, Miranda hung out inside with Papa.  I don't know what they talked about, but they had some fun together.  Then, she joined her sisters in running around the yard.

If only we had a yard this big that they could run around in.  Of course, the fact that we only come visit every 1 or 2 months is probably why they like it...because it's different.  If we had that yard they would probably never go outside. ;)

At this point, Mackenzie was pouting that we weren't going in to play with Penny.  Too bad, so sad.

We didn't take a boat ride, but Granny and the little girls did sit on the boat for a little bit.

Another great year for strawberries.  We made strawberry muffins and a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting.  And of course, the girls ate a ton of strawberries with their lunches and dinners!  Can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Meredith's Kinder Field Day

Meredith had her field Day the day after Mackenzie last week. The weather was completely different from the day before, but luckily I had paid attention to the weather and was prepared...sort of. ;)  After seeing Mackenzie's Blue ribbon the day before, Meredith was also determined to not get a participant (black) ribbon, so I warned her that just like Mackenzie's previous two years, you just never know.

I love watching kindergartners come out for their first events like this and the fun run.  They look so small and cute and are so surprised at what everything looks like.

It was super windy and very chilly, so the kids were very cold.

For Meredith's class, her teacher just split up the class exactly in half and rotated them with each event.  Meredith started in the second race with hurdles, just like Mackenzie.

With jumping jacks at the end.

Later on, a hockey challenge where she had no idea how to hold the stick. ;)

This one was supposed to be bowling, but the wind was so strong they just had to knock over a cone at the end of the table. ;)  I love that we did braided pig tails in her hair because I loved to see them flying when she was running.

Of course, sometimes being on the sidelines was more fun than the races themselves. ;)

This race required the kids to push down or pick up the cones and then throw a flag at the end..."Referee challenge."

I don't have any pictures of Mrs. Van Cleave doing the teacher challenge, but I think she came in first place.  Here's Meredith cheering her on, though. ;)

Lining up for the full class relay.

Meredith's class was determined that they were first or second, but I just couldn't imagine them winning anything because they had come in last place on two of the events.  They had to wait until the end of the day to find out their placement and they had finished at 10 am.

And like the day before I had a kid running to me with a big smile on her face because she had received a red ribbon - second place!  Yay!

I hope it turns out as well next year because she might be disappointed to get a participant ribbon after getting a red ribbon first! ;)
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