Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Meyers Christmas

The day after Christmas, we loaded up the car and headed to Dallas to see Brandon's family for Christmas!  We stayed for lunch, gift exchange, dinner and dessert.

It's probably been a few years since all three brothers were photographed together.

 And probably even longer since Cindy had a picture with all 3.

Meredith likes animals after she gets to know them, but at first she's really scared.  This is how she interacted with Casey and Virginie's dogs. ;)

All of the grand children!  It took a lot of silliness by Virginie to get all 5 smiling...sort of.

I'm not sure if these two were talking to each other or just sitting on the couch together.  Either way it makes for a cute picture.

Exchanging gifts is always my favorite part.  Not because we get gifts but because of the family time we have sitting in a circle.  So many cute pictures of all of us gathered together.

Uncle and nephew...


Sweet Gigi...

Dustin and Aubrey got all the kids real musical instruments - 2 each.

Then they started a band! ;)

After dinner the kids were excited to play Watch yo mouth.  In the end, they just played with the mouth pieces and we didn't actually play the game. ;)

 Miranda still wasn't feeling well, so she sat in my lap for most of the evening.  Gigi, tried to get her to play, but she didn't want to. :(

I'll end with this little gem...Indiana came asking for a bottle so they could play spin the bottle! We asked if he knew what it was and yes, in fact, he did know how it worked.  We handed them a sippy cup and said since they were related they could only hug each other! ;)  It was too funny!

Obviously, the kids had a lot of fun playing together and right about bed time we left to go to our hotel.  It was a great Christmas and can't wait until next year.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Cook Family Christmas - 2016

Still trying to play catch up with my Christmas photos!  All the illnesses really messed up my plan, so pretend its not February, but actually December and I'm posting these on time. ;)

On Christmas Day, Brandon and Miranda stayed home so that Miranda could have a chance to get better before we left for Dallas the next day.  Mackenzie, Meredith and I went to church with Granny and Papa and then went to their house to celebrate Christmas with my family and extended family.

Granny & Papa's tree and all of the gifts!  We are one blessed family!  We had 16 this year since Brandon and Miranda weren't there.  We also face timed my aunt and cousin for a little while too!

After lunch (have no pictures) it was gift time.  Granny had a special gift for all the girls this year so, the guys had to wait a little bit. ;)

And the girls all sat at the table waiting patiently (maybe) while we opened gifts in age order.

 Meredith started off since Miranda wasn't there.  She got a really cute Madame Alexander doll.

And Mackenzie got an Anna doll.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of everyone's doll - including mine. :(  The older girls received beautiful porcelain dolls all with a bride them.

 The girls received lots of great gifts and especially liked their new purses from Moshi.

 My uncle built Granny and Papa this huge rocking chair!

My girls love the smaller one he built a few years ago, so they are sure to love this big one!

They love their dolls!

Sweet moment as we were one of the last ones there, so the girls got spend a few extra minutes with Granny.

I love Christmas!  I love getting to spend time with my family and exchange gifts.  Too bad I only see some of my family once a year. :(

Thursday, February 9, 2017

It's comical

To say we've had a rough month would be an understatement...

Jan 12 - Meredith diagnosed with Pink Eye.  Meredith misses 2 days of school.
Jan 18 - Miranda has pink eye (but I caught it early and already had the drops)
Jan 19 - I found lice in Mackenzie and Meredith's hair at 7:55PM and Brandon was out of town!
Jan 20 - spent the day washing and combing mine and the big girls hair - girls miss school
Jan 20 - Mackenzie has fever - diagnosed with cold at after hours clinic (fever gone next day)
Jan 22 - Miranda has random rash appear all over her body that is itchy (rash gone by morning)
Jan 27 - Mackenzie diagnosed with a staph infection on a "water wart" on her leg and starts antibiotics)
Jan 29 - Mackenzie and Miranda wake up with fevers - no flu, no strep, just a cold/virus.  Mackenzie misses 2 days of school and Miranda 1.
Jan 31 - Mackenzie's leg gets worse - diagnosed with a MSRA and given stronger antibiotics. (leg improves in 2 days).
Feb 3 - I feel crummy with a random cough that appears out of nowhere.
Feb 5 - I am diagnosed with the flu
Feb 8 - I am diagnosed with broncial infection from the flu - get meds (dr. visit)
Feb 8 - Mackenzie has small rash on ankles
Feb 9 - Mackenzie's rash is spreading to her arms, face and torso

I'm currently waiting on a friend's sister (a dr) to look at my pictures of Mackenzie's rash to tell me if I need to be worried or if we've just gotten yet another odd and random illness.  I think it could be 5th disease because her cheek is red like it's been slapped, but who knows.  At this point all I can do is laugh at all of the ailments that are hitting us.  In the middle of all that, I had a friend have complications after having a baby and literally almost die, so it could be worse.  That's what I keep telling myself.  It could be way worse.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Christmas Morning

As usual, I don't have many photos from Christmas morning. I usually take pictures of their initial reactions and a couple of their presents and then I just enjoy my Christmas watching them without a camera in my face. ;)

On Christmas morning, Brandon always goes to the front of the house turning on the lights we need, so the girls wait in our bedroom.

Sometimes they get a little crazy with the waiting!

Then, we get to walk to the tree...

Even though, Miranda has so much baby doll stuff, Santa still brought her a new stroller and baby doll clothes.

And lots of trinkets and snacks and a toy cleaning set.

This is the gift from her sisters - a tsum tsum tin purse with stuffed tsum tsums inside.

Mackenzie is always on the other side of the room from me, so I don't get to take as many pictures.  She received lots of crafting items, books and a doll carrier/bed for her American girls dolls.

Santa brings all of their gifts except for 2 - one from me and Brandon and one from their sisters. So I did at least get Meredith opening both of her gifts!

The one from her sisters is her favorite!  This was originally supposed to be for her cousin Nina, but Meredith loved it so much that I gave it to her sisters to give to her and I bought Nina a different one. ;)

We went to church in Alvin, so the girls had a little bit longer to play with their new gifts before we had to leave.  Unfortunately, Miranda was sick, so she and Brandon stayed home while the big girls and I headed to Granny and Papa's church and house.
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