Wednesday, September 28, 2016

August Miscellaney

Most of my August pictures were covered in my summer posts, but here are a few pictures of miscellaneous activities that happened after school started.

Don't be fooled by this picture of Meredith smiling on the second day of school.  She cried as soon as the bell rang because she didn't want to go to school.  She had cried every morning of school with the exception of a few days.

Miranda likes to choose her own socks and shoes and as long as we aren't going anywhere special, I usually let her.  This was one of those occasions, can you tell?  She threw a fit 5 minutes after we got home because I wouldn't let her have candy or the ipad - can't remember. ;)  It's so hard to be a kid.

On another day, Miranda had her first hair cut!

These are the before pictures.

And after...It's not a big change, just to even out the "tail" in the back.

After all summer with the girls I had forgotten how easy it is to go to lunch with Miranda.  She's not too picky of an eater as long as she's not around her sisters.  On this particular day we went to Chipotle where she ate her chicken quesadilla and shared some guacamole with me.  I love my little lunch date!

So cute walking home after school and another picture of them on their first "spirit day".

Miranda likes when we go to the grocery store because we get a fountain drink.  She loves the new strawberry drink she gets.  Unfortunately she also likes my Dr. Pepper that I usually get. :/

Miranda was excited to see a friend at a volunteer meeting we had at the big girls' school.  They enjoyed playing on the ipad while the mommas signed up to volunteer at the school.  I'm so excited about this year!
 And that's a wrap for August!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Meredith is 5!

We started the morning off with a present! ;)  Meredith fell in love with hummingbirds while we were in Colorado, so for her birthday I bought her a humming bird feeder and a book about humming birds.

She was very excited to cut her waffles all by herself! ;)
She's FIVE!!!!

She came out of school skipping with a big birthday crown on!

After dinner we had our traditional big cupcakes for dessert!

It takes a LOT of energy to blow out a candle!


This picture is several days later when our crossing guard realized she had forgotten some birthdays! ;)  It's a little hard to read the chalk on the sidewalk in the picture, but Meredith loved it!

Another birthday down!  Can't wait to see what this next year brings!

Monday, September 26, 2016

First Day of School - 2016

Mackenzie started 2nd grade and Meredith started Kindergarten this year!  Both girls were super excited!

They were so excited that they even joked around with each other! ;)

Meredith skipped the entire way to school!

I'm bummed that this picture of Mackenzie is blurry, but oh well.  We took her to her room first because I wasn't sure how Meredith would do!  Mackenzie sat down and all was well!

Meredith seemed to get a little nervous as we walked in but then saw playdough at her seat and her excitement came right back!  She hugged me and we quickly left before she could think about me leaving her!

So that was the only day of full smiles before school.  Unfortunately, that afternoon they accidentally sent her to the wrong door for dismissal.  As soon as Mackenzie came out without Meredith I walked up to the door to figure out what happened.  The teacher me us in the office with a crying Meredith.  :(  She said it was a good day until the end when she thought we had forgotten her.  I had to reassure her that it would never happen again.

She does like school but she does not like the length of day and cries pretty much every day before school.  Mackenzie cried for the first 4 weeks of school in Kindergarten but Meredith is still crying at the end of the 5th week, so it may be like this for a while. :/ At least we had a pretty good first day morning! ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Miranda's 3rd Birthday

Miranda is three!
3 years has flown by!  She is so silly and adds laughter to our day EVERY DAY!  We had the frozen birthday party the weekend before her birthday so on her actual birthday we had cupcakes for dessert.  She gets this funny look on her face when everyone is staring at her.  This is the same face she made when she was on the Museum dinosaur and everyone was looking at her. ;)

It took her forever to blow out this one candle!
And finally!

I love this girl and her craziness!  Happy belated Birthday Miranda!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Frozen Birthday Party

We celebrated Meredith and Miranda's birthdays with a FROZEN themed birthday party!

I love making the girls' birthday banners.  The thumbtacks stay in the wall so I have them for each birthday party. ;)

I've never been excited to see Christmas decor out in the stores in August until this year when I was looking for frozen decorations!  The icicles and snowflakes really helped make a cute banner. ;)

I chose to make cake push pops this year instead of a cake or cupcakes.  It took a while to make since I had to make so many, but they turned out great and of course were super delicious!

We also had snowflake cookies, jello (ice), pretzels (Sven's antlers),...
carrots (olaf noses), blue berries (olaf's buttons), & strawberries (frozen hearts)!

Each girl had a Frozen book that everyone signed.

I missed a picture of Miranda in front of the banner, but this one is a good one of Meredith.

I really liked setting up the photo backdrop and Meredith's biggest request for the party was the huge Elsa balloon!

It's Olaf and Elsa!

Miranda was so cute with the backdrop!

It looks like Anna has 4 eyes! ;)

The best picture I have of all three girls. That's pretty typical though.

Meredith helped me color the "Pin the Snowflake on Elsa" board.  We had a lot of snowflakes by the time we were finished with the first game.

The balloon pop game was a big hit too!  Lots and LOTS of popping!

Although, some of the kids had a harder time popping their balloons!

Bean bag toss!

Miranda and her friend Sadie  were very cute playing the bean bag toss game.  They definitely knew how to win! ;)

I think the little kids had fun wrapping up the "Big" girls as Olaf.  It was a little hard to keep the toilet paper from tearing, but eventually we got it!
"And we're free!"

Lunch was one big picnic!

Papa has always been playful, so I wasn't too surprised when I found him in the playroom with the Anna wig on. ;)
Cake time!

One candle is easy peasy to blow out.

I tried to get a picture of everyone in front of the backdrop.  The girls had a lot of fun posing for the photos.

Look at all that blue!

They love their uncle Ryan even if this picture doesn't quite show that. Ha!

Apparently they prefer to pose with Kelsey instead!

Fun with friends!

Just before Miranda's friend Keegan left he leaned in for a hug and she did nothing in return.  She finally hugged him when I told her too. ;)

It was a great party and Meredith has already requested her very own party next year which would be the exact age Mackenzie also requested her own party. I guess I'll be doing 3 next year. :(

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