Sunday, July 31, 2016

Swimming at Moshi and Gapa's

We always work in at least one visit to my parents' house to swim during the summer! Ours got postponed a few weeks this summer because of rain, so we didn't get out there until the first of July.  We had lots of fun even though the girls were a little clingy to me in the beginning!

We had lunch outside before getting back in the pool!
Mackenzie practiced her diving, which is really belly flopping, but she's trying and getting a little better!  Miranda wanted to wear goggles and looks super cute with them on!

Sweet little sisters!

Silly Miranda acting like a cat holding a fish!

The girls thought it was so cool to eat our popsicles in the pool!  It's the little things in life.

And after a long time swimming, the girls got cookies and ice cream!  Summer is always a lot of fun!

Here are some videos of the girls in the pools - Mackenzie jumping and Meredith trying her best to dive to the bottom of the pool to get her rings/fish.  She tried soooooo hard and couldn't quite do it.

We love swimming and summer!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 6

Week 6 was a busy week and we kicked it off by going to VBS at the Memorial church of Christ.  We go every year and the girls love it.  It means 4 night of going to bed late, but we still have fun.  Monday we went to gymnastics and then relaxed most of the day.  Miranda didn't want a nap when it was nap time, but of course she fell asleep eventually while watching videos on the ipad! ;)

Tuesday we went to our friends' neighborhood pool for a play date.  The girls and I had lots of fun swimming, plus we ordered pizza for lunch so it was nice to picnic by the pool!

Miranda really enjoyed her own bath that afternoon because she could float on her back.  I love the pictures I got with my phone . Of course, I edited them to give them more pop, but I love her hair floating in the water.

Our 4th and final night of VBS was pretty fun because I took Miranda around to the different stations which included a petting zoo.  I'm planning to do a separate post about that soon.

Thankfully, Thursday's playdate was sort of relaxing so that we could recover from all of our late nights.  We set up a movie at the church fellowship hall and I think all of the kids really enjoyed our time there.
 The sound wasn't great since it was only coming from the projector, so at one point only Mackenzie and 2 other older girls were watching the movie next to the projector. ;)  All the other kids were running around and playing.

Afterwards the girls and I went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and even more playtime. ;)

Every Friday we go to swim lessons and I LOVE that Meredith loves her swim teacher.  The picture is blurry, but she loves Ms. Jennifer!  She loves to talk to her and I'm so thankful that she currently is the only one in her class so she gets Ms. Jennifer all to herself! ;)

Since it's so hot outside, we took the girls to the movies on that Saturday to see finding Dory.  It was very cute but it could have been a little shorter.  ;)  The girls had fun, so that's all that counts!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 5

A month ago, the girls wore hats to church!  Thanks to my mom, they have hats in 6 different colors and two of them, matched their dresses perfectly.

Miranda just wanted her "polar bear ears". ;)

We celebrated the 4th of July on that Monday!

I think one of the hardest things for Meredith to overcome this next year in Kindergarten is having to wear socks and shoes every day to school!  This is her pouting and holding her feet because she can't stand the feel of socks on her feet. ;)
She had to wear socks because we were going to a Little Beakers, a small science lab for kids.  I'll do another post about that later.
Later that day, we played board games and had a lot of fun.  Life Jr. is very different from the Life game I remember playing as a kid, but the girls liked it.  It has charade cards that the girls really enjoyed doing.
Miranda especially likes this princess cupcake game.  We don't actually play the game, but she does match the "recipe" cards to create each cake. ;)

Wednesday was another busy day that started with donuts!  This little girls loves her chocolate and powdered donuts! ;)
After breakfast we headed to the science museum followed by making homemade popsicles as well as homemade play-do that I needed for a bible class lesson that night.

We ate the popsicles for breakfast the next day before we had a make up gymnastics class.

The girls also picked up their reading trophies from the library.  Miranda was very excited to get her second trophy in 3 months! ;)

I also introduced the girls to shrinky dinks! They thought it was so cool to see them shrink in the oven!

We had a super relaxed day on Friday with nothing on the agenda.  And then Saturday afternoon the girls went to a gymnastics birthday party for a friend.  I caught this cute little moment between Miranda and Mackenzie!
Another week down and I'm sad that it's going by so fast. :(

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

4th of July

For 4th of July, we invited old friends over for lunch. The girls played on the inflatable water slide before lunch while the adults talked and sweated like crazy since it was so hot! ;)

After lunch, the girls played inside while the guys played guitars and the ladies talked some more!  After all, it's what I do best!

I love these girls (including Miranda who is not pictured).  Teresa and I were college roommates the year before we all got married and I love that our girls play together!

Miranda doing her own thing!

Originally we had planned on napping/resting and then watching fireworks at the mall, but after lunch Brandon and I decided we would just stay at home.  The girls were fairly disappointed at first, but then I told them we could decorate, do crafts, read books and watch fireworks on TV!  I loved their response - "This is going to be the BEST 4th of July ever!"  "Our decorations looks soo good!"  I can't wait to do our crafts.  It's going to be so much fun!" ;)

Here are the decorations which includes several drawings they made!
 And of course, they were dressed for the occasion as well!

Meredith is showing us her "fireworks"!
Jumping for JOY!  What a fun 4th of July!

One of our crafts was making firecracker rings with pipe cleaners.
We also made cupcakes!
They were delicious as are all pillsbury mixes! Ha!

After dinner we finally settled in to watch the fireworks on TV! ;)

Miranda really found her energy at 9:00!  She was singing and running around everywhere!

Meanwhile, Meredith just couldn't make it through the fireworks, so she fell asleep under her blanket next to me. ;)

Happy 240th birthday America!

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