Tuesday, April 19, 2016

March Miscellaney

I still have a few other posts of things we did in March, including mine and Brandon's trip to NYC, but this is one of my favorite posts to do when I look at all of my miscellaneous photos from my phone for the month!

I got a speeding ticket a while back and shortly after that, Meredith made me draw her a ticket.  She specifically asked for a car with and x over and then the words "No Driving Fast". ;)
After playing with playdough, Meredith ran into the office to tell me she "made such a work of art!"  This is what she made...a person on a couch.  We tried to save it but after 2 days it wasn't working and I was able to convince Meredith that we had a picture of it so that we would still have it forever.

Miranda always brings a smile to our faces.  She clearly likes chocolate on the left and the one on the right is after her first swim lesson without me.

Last year, Meredith dressed up pretty much every day to take Mackenzie to school, so I don't even flinch when Miranda wants to take a baby or backpack or say a grocery cart to school. ;)  It wasn't the greatest because she couldn't push the cart and hold my hand without going super slow!  Half way to the school, Mackenzie looked at me and said, "Can we NOT do this again ever?"  HaHa!

At freebirds, Mackenzie made A LOT of foil art!
This one is a brain compete with a brain stem. ;)

Dress up is of course still a part of our routine for at least one day each week.  On this day we had Elsa and Anna!
The day I dressed Miranda in this outfit, I knew exactly how her hair had to be fixed to match Meredith's picture!  What I think is even more funny is that even one of the polar bear ears is crooked in both pictures!  Little cuties!

And lastly, I present the video that makes Brandon and I laugh out loud!  This is my life pretty much every day.  I wish I took videos more often!  I cut the video off at then end a little early because I had to laugh about the doll!  enjoy!

Monday, April 18, 2016

rain puddles

Mackenzie is a "walker" for school no matter the weather! We park at the pool next to the school and walk over.  We had some rain back in November and the girls wanted to wear their rain boots so they could splash in puddles.  These pictures are with my phone, so excuse the blurriness.  They had a lot of fun and yes I realize the puddle is very small.  It's true what the say, "the LITTLE things in life make you happy." ;)

And this video is just too cute!  For those who rarely here Miranda talk and think she is just so sweet all the time..here you go! ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Our spring break was back in March and although Brandon and I were in NYC for half the week, the girls had a great and full spring break.

One of my good friends from college and our old church came down for a visit and stayed the night with us.  She brought her kindergarten age daughter and all 3 of my girls loved playing with her.  Even though it had been almost 2 years since they had all seen each other they had so much fun together.  The next day we all went to paint pottery at our favorite place.

All the girls and their finished products...a pig, mermaid, kitty cat and a cupcake.
Our collection is growing!  We go twice a year and now that we are bringing home 3 each time...wowsers! ;)  Eventually my living room shelves will b filled with painted pottery!

We actually started our Spring Break with tickets to see Mary Poppins at the theater.  Mackenzie loved it, but Meredith thought it was a little long.  My mom and I saw it years ago and I knew if it ever came back we would definitely see it, so we did!

Unfortunately, they had technical difficulties and Mary Poppins was unable to fly across the auditorium. :(

Brandon and I were gone starting half way through the week, but while we were out, the girls had a tea party with both grandmas!  My mom brought all the decorations including the hats! ;)
They had so much fun with their Nana and Moshi while we were gone, so they finished off their Spring Break in a great way!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Doodle Bug or Roly Poly?

One morning after taking Mackenzie to school, Meredith, Miranda and I found a doodle bug on the side walk.  Well, I call it a doodle bug, but some people call it a roly poly.  Anyways, I touched the doodle bug to make it roll up in a ball.  Then we watched as it rolled back out and started crawling again.  When I touched it again and it rolled up, I picked it up and put it in Miranda's hand.  She liked holding it until it opened up in her hand.  She immediately freaked out and threw it off her hand. ;)

After we got home, the girls had fun pretending to be doodle bugs.  They took turns curling in a ball when the other one touched them.

Then they got their baby and did the same thing! ;)

Also, I can't remember ever picking up a doodle bug when I was little because bugs are just not my thing, so I was quite surprised that I actually picked up the bug to put it in Miranda's hand.  Look at me, I'm growing up! ha!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Granny & Papa

So, after picking strawberries, we headed to Granny and Papa's to eat them and visit with each other more.  Fresh strawberries are the best!

I love this picture because it shows Meredith very animated in her talking which is so typical for her.

Of course, ice cream followed the strawberries.  Actually, ice cream follows anything at Granny's.  At least in the girls' eyes it does! ha!  Meredith especially loves the gold spoons and Mackenzie always insists on using the rainbow spoons.
The weather was beautiful, so we spent time outside and the girls got a chance to be super silly.  Because you know, they never get to be silly, right?

The girls couldn't wait for us to take a ride on the boat, but we weren't quite ready so they just looked at the boat for a while. ;)
Not all eyes are open, but at least they are all smiling!  Even if their heads are completely sideways. ;)

We don't have a large lot, so they enjoyed walking and running around the front and side yards.

I love this 4 year old!
They really wanted to pick flowers, but at first all we could find were the ones on the other side of the fence.  I guess the grass really is greener on the other side. ;)

I found one!

Granny walked them around to the front and showed them all the flowers.  They even got to pick some "for crafts", according to Meredith.

And finally, it was BOAT time!!

After the boat ride, it was time for even more food!  Granny and Papa brought out the fancy apple peeler and the girls LOVED it!

We all loved it so much that I ordered one a week later and now the girls can have "spiral" apples anytime!
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