Friday, March 11, 2016

January miscelaney

Since I'm finally catching up, I might as well post my miscellaneous phone photos from the month of January.  There just too many to not blog about.

Miranda was very upset about taking a bath one evening and once she got out she was content to sit on her little potty wrapped up in a towel.

In Houston we always have beautiful weather in January!
 I love that the girls moved their chairs together in the drive way to have fun together.
The girls have great memories and remember when someone brings them something.  I picked out books one night and she said, "Nana give this to me."  So sweet.
 Most nights we read books on the couch, but occasionally we read in the beds.  Miranda's bed is perfect for us...if we can find a place between all the stuffed animals and dolls.

Ready for school!  And yes, sometimes Meredith walks to school in her footie pajamas! ;)

I walked out of the bathroom one morning to find the girls giggling in my bed, while Brandon stood near the bathroom door making hand shadows on the wall!  He was pretending to "eat" them.  They thought it was awesome.
Miranda pulls out her pony tails every chance she can get!  The picture on the right is after she found a green lollipop in the playroom and apparently it was so good, she drooled all over herself.

Miranda LOVES the ipad.  She maneuvers all over youtube watching peppa pig, toy videos and other kids stuff.  And clearly, she loves the bean bag chairs Dustin and Aubrey bought the girls.  She's looking pretty cozy!
This is not a very good picture of Miranda in this cute little outfit, but it's the only one I have.  I've been so lax in my picture taking that I'm missing my comparison photos of the girls in hand me down outfits.   This penguin ooutfit was Mackenzie's as you can see with the picture on the right.  She's "holding" her cousin Nina.

Like I've said before, one on one moments with the older girls are unfortunately, rare, but occasionally we get one and make the most of it.  One morning, Brandon went to work late, so I didn't have to take the little girls with me to walk Mackenzie to school.  I took advantage of this and Mackenzie and I went to the donut shop before school.  She was so excited to sit at the 2 person table.  So funny that little things like that excite her.
I think I'm all caught up with January happenings.  Onto February - the best month in the world (my birthday month)! Ha!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


For Christmas, Meredith received a karaoke machine and it's a hit in our house!

Meredith loves to get in the hallway and sing along to a CD.  She has one song that she always asks me to put on repeat.  This can entertain her for 30 minutes easy and she really know the words to the songs.

Miranda also loves to sing, but she's not nearly as loud! ;)


I need to get a video of Meredith singing.  She really likes to sing and dance, so I'm interested in seeing if she's still like that as she gets older.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A 2 year old's thoughts...

Once a week, we have "stay at home days" where all we do is take Mackenzie to and from school and Meredith, Miranda and I are at home all day. We like those days! ;) Although, on those days the girl's ipad is fought over quite a bit.  On this particular day, Miranda had it and was quite comfortable on the couch watching videos. ;)
"uh, are you seriously taking pictures?"
"I'll fix that.  Can't get any good pictures now."
"See, if I watch the videos this closely, you can't see my face."
"Momma, you're making me laugh!  How are you still making me laugh? You aren't supposed to see me."
"Fine, I'll just ignore you."
"Momma!  Go away!"

Later that day the girls made a giant high chair for all of their babies.

That's a lot of babies!  And most of them sleep with Miranda in her bed!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Walks to school

Our walks to and from school are always an adventure. Sometimes everyone is happy and Meredith "hides" from me while I say goodbye to Mackenzie.
Some afternoons we have beautiful weather and stay and play at the parking lot light post and bike rack! ha!

On rainy days, the big girls and I have umbrellas, while Miranda stays dry in the stroller.  One kid saw her in it and said, "Look, that baby is trapped."  I had to tell him that she voluntarily got in the stroller! ;)

And when Meredith is SUPER happy, she dresses up to pick up Mackenzie!  On this day she was a mermaid!
I love that she doesn't care what others will say.  Her only concern was whether people would realize she was a mermaid.  I assured her they would know. ;)

Of course I don't take pictures on our bad days, because I'm too busy trying to get us back to our car, but I'm glad I have pictures of these fun days!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Gala Fun

At the end of January, Brandon and I attend a gala at Texas A&M for their performing arts organization, OPAS.  This year was my third time to attend and it was fun as usual.  Since it's a performing arts organization, they always have students dressed up to match their theme for the evening.  Last year the theme was Alice and Wonderland, but this year it was "Around the World in 80 days."  They had students dressed up from all the different countries in the book.  Another lady and I walked around and took pictures with them.  It's silly, but at the same time it was fun to do and helped passed the time since I don't dance. ;)

This poor girl, would stand with her arms down until someone walked near her.  Then, up went her arms and she was the Statue of Liberty.
 And the Cleopatra girl was weird...Along with her guy that flexed his muscles at all times.  ;)

Already looking forward to next year's gala/theme! ;)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Inside Bubbles

For some reason, I really like to take pictures of the girls blowing bubbles.  Something about the movement, intrigues me.  As with my previous post, this happened back in January!  So behind in blogging! :)

I don't always get one on one time with Mackenzie or Meredith, but when Mackenzie is at school and Miranda is napping, Meredith and I have some time together.  I will admit that most of the time, I have other things going on and do not always take the time to actively play with or talk to her during this time, but this was one of those times.  She was thrilled to be able to do bubble IN THE HOUSE! ;) 

I think their mesmerization with the bubbles is also what attracts me to take their pictures.  The pure delight you see in their faces as they watch bubbles is so cute!  I love it and them!

Of course, clearly I'm just as mesmerized with the bubbles.  I especially like seeing the light reflected in them.

Who knew bubbles in side could be so fun...especially when still in our pajamas in the afternoon! ;)
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