Saturday, January 23, 2016

December Miscellaney

It's time for my December 2015 miscellany!  First, is another "before church" photo shoot.  Each girl insists on being in the middle or else tears are involved. :/

Then, the big girls (maybe even Miranda) insisted on taking my picture.

We all matched very well that day! ;)

Mackenzie had another skating party and even though we got off to a rough start - with tears, she finally got happy and discovered that it was a little easier to skate with the walker thingy.

One day, Miranda and I had a day date.  On another outing, she discovered she likes ketchup! ;)

I helped out at Meredith's school watching a teacher's daughter and was able to have lunch with Meredith.  Miranda even got to sit next to Meredith at lunch! So cute!

Brandon and I started teaching Mackenzie's bible class in December and that's when I realized she didn't have an appropriate bible for class.  She only had a small New Testament and we were looking up Old Testament stories.  So, I went to the store to buy her one and as soon as Meredith saw Mackenzie's (middle), she wanted a new one too (butterfly).  And of course, if her big sisters were getting bibles, Miranda insisted she get one too!  So, 3 pink bibles it is! ;)

This is how Meredith visited Star Lily (unicorn) every week at the grocery store before Christmas.

I was working in my bible classroom on day and Meredith made "beds" for her and miranda.  Despite the hard surface, they laid on them for quite some time.

Two or three times a week, Meredith "hides" from me when I drop Mackenzie at school.  This is exactly how she hides.  I pretend to not see her and say "Where's Meredith" until she pops out and screams "Boo!"

A girl at Mackenzie's school competed in a contest to win Super Bowl tickets and the NFL did a story on her.  It included a pep rally for the school in which JJ Watt came to speak.  Mackenzie actually made it on tv in the clip!  She looks super excited too, huh?! ;)
And if you are interested in seeing the entire video, here it is.

And finally, Meredith is our pickiest eater and so this is to document her happiness at a restaurant she eats at without complaint - BJ's!  She loves their pizza!

OK...I think that's it for 2015! Woo Hoo!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Before Church

I love our impromptu photo shoots before church. Look at those polar bear ears!

I love this age - when they really like to pose for the camera!  And not in the "weird pose" way like the big girls do.

Meredith wanted a braid in her hair and I love anything that keeps her hair out of her face! ;)

Mackenzie didn't want to have her picture taken, but she did want to take our picture.  Not too bad!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Great Wolf Lodge

Last summer we decided we would surprise the girls with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge at Christmas.  They had no idea we were going and it was a fun surprise.  This is them as we were getting closer to the "hotel" after we left Casey and Virginie's house.
Aaaand....this is them looking the opposite way of the hotel, at a plane or something.  We finally had to ask them "where are we?" "do you see our hotel?"  Then they were excited.  Well, Mackenzie was really excited because she remembered our trip almost 3 years ago.  Meredith was excited because Mackenzie was excited.  And Miranda was asleep. ;)
These are my little winter wolves!

Our bedroom was awesome!  Perfect for a family of 5 - which, in general, is hard to find without getting 2 rooms.

The girls had their own room within the room - each with their own bed.  Thankfully, Mackenzie loved the top bunk. and Meredith the bottom with her own little window.

Miranda normally sleeps in a full size bed, so she called this her "bitty bed" and loved it.  She took naps and slept through the night without getting out!  I think Brandon and I were probably the most uncomfortable because we had a smaller bed than we are used to.
The lobby had lots of cute winter/Christmas decorations.  I think there was even a menorah - so they covered all their holidays!

We arrived the first night at dinner time, so we settled in the hotel room, at dinner at the downstairs restaurant and then the big girls and I went to story time in the lobby.
Even the characters show up for story time!  We didn't do pictures with them that night, because we were all pretty tired, having woken up early and driven to Dallas that morning.
The next day we were ready for the waterpark!
These are a couple of pictures of the water park after it had closed on the second night.  We mainly stayed in the little kid section and wave pool.  We stayed through lunch and then for whatever reason the water stopped being so warm and toasty and was freezing, so we decided to leave.  Not to mention, Miranda needed a nap!

But first...dippin dots!
While Miranda and Brandon napped, the big girls and I explored the hotel.  They had a contest to find little stuffed animals hidden all around the hotel, so we walked everywhere!  Along the way we also stopped for photos!

Up in a tree house!
We also stopped for a little crafting!

We also find Wiley, so Mackenzie took a picture with him.  Meredith didn't want to "because he's a boy."  ;)
Dinner was always great because they got to pick a dessert or two!  (It was a buffet)

We also found the squirrel (I don't remember her name.) and since she was a girl, Meredith took a picture with her. ;)
Outside the dessert shop.

The second night we were there, Miranda came with us to story time!

The picture on the right is Miranda reaching for the little bubbles they were blowing as snow.

This time, Miranda didn't want to have her picture taken. ;)
After story time, we went back to our room and put Miranda to bed.  Mackenzie wanted to stay up for the dance party at 9:30 in the lobby, so that's what we did.  Of course, we had to sit through another story time.  This time since we weren't worried about losing our spot, we moved to the back to have fun with the "snow".

While we waited for the dance party to start, we took pictures of trees and in a tree! ;)

And then the dance party started!  Meredith was super excited and all of a sudden Mackenzie didn't want to dance because I wasn't going to dance.  She had an attitude for about 10 minutes until I told her we would just go upstairs if she didn't dance.  Here's Meredith dancing - too funny!  I posted them on Youtube and someone commented "she's doing it wrong".  Seriously?  That's why I posted the video!  Some people are crazy. :)

So that's all our Christmas activities.  I think I have one or two more posts for 2015 and then we can move into the new year! yay!
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