Monday, November 30, 2015

School Activities

Since I'm so behind in my blogging, I'm catching up with my phone photos from OCTOBER!  You know, why not post October photos on the last day of November!  What's even funnier is that I'm planning to post about Halloween later this week...after I post about Tiny, our elf on the shelf.  Halloween and Christmas are tied together this year! Ha!

I eat lunch with Mackenzie 1 or 2 times a semester.  I don't want to do it too often, because at some point all three girls will be at the school and I don't want them to have the expectation of me eating lunch with them every 2 weeks.  I will never leave the school! ;)  Anyways, she loved her cookie.
Mackenzie had super hero day at school, so she wore a cape.  We did pig tales so that you could see the back of the cape.
She's flying!
On that same day, Meredith was about to return Oscar to school.  Each child in her class takes turns bringing Oscar home and she was able to keep it over the weekend.  She wanted me to take a picture of him and her so that she could look at it until she saw him again. ;)

Picture Day!  So cute!

On Fire Safety day at Meredith's school, I stayed with Miranda to see the Firefighters.  Meredith was super quiet the whole time and did not want to stand up next to the firefighters.
Miranda was so serious.

Mackenzie's school has a pumpkin character contest every year. This year, she chose to paint Gerald from the Elephant and Piggie books.  Meredith wanted to join in, so she painted Piggie.  And Miranda just painted a small pumpkin.
Meredith did everything on Piggie - painted all by herself and drew the face.  I helped Mackenzie make Gerald.

I think it was Red Ribbon Week the week before Halloween and we were able to participate in a few.  This particular day was Orange & Black.

This day was "generation day".  Since we don't have a poodle skirt, we chose the 60's/70's with a tie-dyed shirt and braid and called it a day. ;)
Meredith finally got over her fear of school and is back to her happy self on school days.  I'm so thankful they love school so much.  Miranda will be in school next year, so hopefully she'll be the same way!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Double Planet

This summer, we had the opportunity to see Venus and Jupiter in the sky!  The girls were already asleep, so they could only look a the pictures, but I thought it was pretty cool to see 2 other planets in the sky without a telescope.  I could have lived without the mosquito bites I got while taking the picture, but it was still fun to see! ;)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Zoo - 2015

Brandon's office had their company picnic at the zoo back in October.  We got there right when they opened, so the elephants were taking baths. ;)
We felt this was the next best thing.  After all, you can actually touch this elephant!

I think I have a picture of Mackenzie and Brandon just like this at the zoo.  So cute.
We saw about 5 or 6 animals before we got the new Gorilla exhibit.  It was really cool.  The girls were watching it and the gorilla even started walking around.  When it started moving, Brandon said we better get Miranda off the rock they were standing on before the Gorilla scared her.  Sure enough, the gorilla started walking toward the glass and Miranda completely freaked out!
After we got home I noticed that when I picked her up, she must have kicked my camera and taken a picture.  This is the reaction of the people around us as Miranda screams and cries at the top of her lungs!

Next came the orangutans.  This guy was pretty funny.  Miranda cried "Go! Go!" until we left. She did not like any enclosed spaces after the gorilla incident.  ;)
The Rhinos were fighting a little bit.  Or I guess they could have been playing.  Who knows.
The giraffes are always fun to look at.
Baby Gigi was super cute!  I only know her name because other people there were calling her that.  There are a lot of people who go to the zoo on a regular basis.  That's just not for me.  Once a year is plenty! ;)

Zebras are another cool animal, I think.  The angle of this picture and the stripes on the legs, makes the zebra look like they have tiny legs.
This is Miranda pouting because we were STILL looking at animals! Ha!
Flamingos and a stork...

While Brandon mingled after lunch, I took the girls to the children's zoo.  They played on the playground until Miranda saw a child with a mask (for Zoo Boo) and started screaming and crying again!  Next up, the goat petting zoo.  Unfortunately, all of the goats were resting in their special "do not touch me" confined area, so the big girls couldn't pet them.  However, Miranda was glad we left because even though I was holding her she practically climbed up to my shoulders when she saw the goats! ;)

So, the big girls went into the prairie dog area alone so I could take their pictures in the pop up tunnels.  As you can see, Meredith wasn't too thrilled with this exhibit.

Meredith came out crying, so that was fun with a 4 year old and 2 year crying in the zoo, neither one of which wanted to ride in the wagon I was pulling. :/  That was about the time I decided we needed some dippin' dots!  Everyone had their own cup and then we were all happy - including this momma!  Brandon met up with us just after the dippin dots and we continued to look at more animals as we waited to feed the giraffes.



This baby and momma were pretty cute.
And of course, you gotta love a monkey with a colorful bootie!  Mackenzie thought it was the funniest thing.

Finally, it was time to feed the giraffes (5 hours after we arrived!).  Miranda wasn't too sure about the lettuce, let alone the giraffes and their big tongues.  Mackenzie thought it was cool, though.

Meredith stood a little too far and the poor giraffe was practically poking it's neck on the fence.  They sure were hungry.

Miranda still said - Are you kidding me?!

Miranda was falling asleep in the wagon as we walked out to our car and all 3 girls were asleep by the time we got on the freeway, so I'd say it was a successful trip!
I have a picture of all three of them sleeping, but Mackenzie saw me editing the photo and asked me not to use it because she didn't like how she was sitting when she was sleeping.  I guess that might be happening more often as she gets older. :(
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