Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 Summer Recap: Week 6

A busy week as usual!  We had our second VBS for the summer that started that Sunday night.  Thankfully, we didn't have gymnastics that week, so we were able to rest Monday before going back to VBS that night.

We also went swimming and discovered that we like the "deeper" pool at our neighborhood pool.  Miranda only wants me to hold her and Meredith swims with her ring float.  This was the day Mackenzie decided she didn't need a float any more.  We had a great day swimming and I'm happy to report that we left with no tears from anyone!  Yay - there's a first time for everything! Ha!

One of our favorite days from the summer was getting to visit with our friends who live overseas!  They came for a playdate and all 6 kids played great together which means Jennifer and I got to visit and catch up.  It was great to see everyone.  Now we just have to wait until Christmas to see them again! :(  

Another favorite day (seems like we have a lot of them!) was our trip to a science lab for kids.  That will get its own post, but for now, here are a couple of photos!

We also went swimming as a family and Meredith had fun when Brandon flipped her backwards!


Fun! Fun!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Silly Selfies

Sometimes its fun to be in the pictures!
Sometimes its even funnier! ;)
What else are you going to do when you're just hanging out?  Take pictures of course!

Miranda wasn't interested, so it was just me and the big girls.  Maybe next time! ;)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

sand art

The girls watched a video on youtube with a girl making sand art and asked if we could do that this summer.  So when I came across the little bottles of sand, I bought them for our summer bucket.  Based on our pictures, we do a lot of craft and activities after gymnastics, during Miranda's nap!
It started slow...

...but they were patient and did layer by layer.  I don't recall any complaints for this activity and it took a while.  YAY!

Mackenzie's finished product!

Meredith's finished bottle.
Meredith was apparently too hungry to pose for a normal picture!
we still have leftover sand, so I guess I need to buy another bottle to fill! ;)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Target Dollar Spot

The target dollar spot is dangerous for me!  We went to Target one day while waiting for the Library to open and stumbled across some great finds.  Thirty minutes later and I won't tell you how much money, Mackenzie said, "I thought we were only supposed to buy strawberries and grapes."  Yep, that's how Target go in for 1 or 2 items and leave with 40! Ha!

A classic dollar toy are the foam capsule things.  We got three packages...

To make it easier on everyone, I fixed to bowls for the girls (Miranda was napping).  Waiting, waiting...

Meredith got bored pretty quickly with just one or two at a time, so we did 10 at a time! ;)
Mackenzie liked taking her time and made her 18 capsules last a LONG time.
Ooh, yay!  36 foam creatures!
Here are our finds that were immediately spread across the floor!  A rainbow puzzle, a color puzzle, ABC blocks, snap blocks, large dice, plastic dinosaurs, plastic ponies and a few other things not pictured! I'm telling you it's dangerous!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Summer Recap: Week 5

Summer is starting to wind down and I'm 3 or 4 weeks behind in my recaps!  But I guess that's pretty typical, so oh well! ;)

During week 5 we had an incredibly busy store, gymnastics, target, whataburger and the library.  We were back home by 1:30 and WORN OUT! Ha!

On another day we went to eat lunch at Jimmy Changas. Surprisingly, it wasn't too hot outside despite it being July!  You couldn't pay me to eat outside (without a pool), this week, though.  It's definitely July now!

Our good friends invited us to play at their house one afternoon and the girls loved it.  The little jacuzzi part (not heated) was the favorite place for Meredith and Miranda.

Miranda even took a little nap outside after lunch. ;)

We also played board games one afternoon during naptime.

I think I only won 1 game of the 5 we played!

At some point during the week, Miranda was throwing a fit so I told her to go stand in the corner if she was going to cry.  She got up off the floor in front of the couch, walked to the hallway where they stand in the corner and laid on the floor to cry.  I had never told her to go to the corner before, so I guess this was her kind of doing her punishment, but also still getting to cry on the floor like she wanted to. ;)

We stay pretty busy every morning, but out afternoons are pretty relaxing.  It makes for a great combination and fun summer.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Noahs ark pool

One of the girls favorite places to go is the "Noah's Ark Pool." It's perfect for them and they have a lot of fun!

 Miranda wasn't sure what to think. Ha!

With water only going from 6" to 12" the girls have fun running around and going down the slides.
This whale is also a favorite!
As you can see, Miranda wasn't too thrilled that Mackenzie joined her.

Some of my new favorites from the summer!  All three girls might not be looking at the camera, but you can tell they are having fun, so that's even better!

Pizza, capri suns and a water park = a super fun day!  Well, lunch was fun for everyone except Meredith.  Once the flies showed up she was not happy!  She gets so scared over bugs!

Friends met us there, so I actually have pictures with me in them!  ;)  Meredith and Miranda thought I was part of the water park!
Meredith floating!
Miranda found a water gun and had fun squirting it, even though she only new how to pull the trigger when it was facing her!

Mackenzie and a friend found the "deeper" water and enjoyed swimming and playing together.

Just as we were about to leave, it started down pouring on us.  We and our towels were soaking wet!  Luckily, it stopped pretty quickly, so we just snacked while air drying. ;)

Another fun day at Noah's Ark.  We will be going again this summer, so yay!
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