Monday, June 29, 2015

Makeover Day!

Since Mackenzie was so bummed that school was over for the summer, I tried to think of a fun last day of school activity.  It was hot outside, so we stayed inside and did makeup.  Actually, I painted nails and toe nails while they did their own make-up.

Miranda had her toe nails painted for the first time and loved it.  She kept pointing to them and smiling.
The rest of the pictures are of Meredith and Mackenzie's make up that they did all by themselves.  I bought cheap, colorful make up at the store so they could do this exact thing and the LOVED it! ;)


Not sure what the sucked in cheek look is all about, but she let me take her photo, so I'll take it! ;)

I just need a little more lipstick! 
There!  The lipstick is just right! ;)

Poses, poses every where!

Meredith is soooo animated.  I love it!

I'm sure we'll be doing it again in the near future!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Last Day of School

It's been 3 weeks since school let out and I think Mackenzie is enjoying her summer. I say that because on the last day of school she was quite upset that she wouldn't be going back to school for three months! I'm talking tears and fully crying and not wanting school to end!!

She cried that morning before we left for school, but then was happy again once we got to school.
Some teachers and parents blew bubbles as the kids exited the building and she was happy and distracted.
But then, we rounded the corner and the tears started rolling.  I had to stop and console her.  I told her we would be doing school stuff this summer and it would be ok.  She liked that ideas, but insisted that we do school in the order of her actual school schedule.  I knew she liked school, but I didn't realize she would be upset about it being over because I thought she would enjoy spending time with us during the day.  I was thankful that several of my facebook friends posted pictures and videos of their kids crying because it was the last day of school. 

She finished her first grade activity book (291) pages within the first week of summer and we've done school here at the house a couple of times, but she's finally enjoying pajama days and other activities that we've done and hasn't talked about school so much.  I think by the time school rolls around, we'll have tears again, but this time about summer ending!  Basically, it's the change that bothers her. ;)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kindergarten Celebration

The day before the last day of school, Mackenzie had her "Kindergarten Celebration of Learning."  It's essentially the graduation program, but without walking across the stage. ;)  She was super excited to wear a dress and sandals to school (she wears tennis shoes every day).

The program started right in the middle of nap time, so Miranda was super sleepy.  She started off fine in Moshi's lap...
But quickly fell asleep!  And was quite happy, apparently. ;)
All of Kindergarten (11 classes of 21 or 22 students) got up on stage and sang several songs.  Mackenzie was in the back middle, so she was fairly easy to see.  It took her awhile to find us, though.
230+ kindergartners!
They sang a color song and she was super excited about wearing her rainbow dress because she knew she would be able to raise her hand and sing about whatever color the music teacher said.  I'm pretty sure that was her plan all along since she fought me on wearing that dress! ;)
The last verse was singing if they had a tongue!  They all loved that verse!
After the songs, we went back to her classroom and they did a little poem as a class.

Her sweet class full of future doctors, teachers, dentist, hair stylists, race car drivers and a princess, apparently. ;)

For Mackenzie they said this:
"Her favorite subject is Music.
Her favorite Kindergarten experience was the field trip to Dewberry Farms.
She wants to be a teacher when she grows up."
At the beginning of the year Mackenzie wanted to be a doctor, so to change to being a teacher means she really liked her first year of elementary school!  Thank you Ms. Galyen for a great year!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Mall Play Place

Before summer officially started for Mackenzie, I took the girls to the mall play place for a playdate with friends.  At first Miranda sat at the end of this dragon and didn't move from her spot even though Meredith had moved on to other things.
But then, Meredith was so cute and asked Miranda if she wanted to come play with her and they held hands as they walked off.  It was so sweet.
All of these climbing things look hard, but they are actually sort of soft - more like a stiff mat.
Meredith kept wanting me to come with her to other places in the playground, but I just wanted to sit and visit with the other moms!  One of the mom's was awesome and every time Meredith came over to ask me to come with her, Malonya would say, "Oh no Meredith!  I can't find Wyatt (her son)!  Can you please go find him and make sure he's okay?!"  Meredith smiled and happily skipped away to find Wyatt.  She would come back a few minutes later and report that she had found him and all was well and then run off and play again!  It was awesome and Meredith loved being "in charge" of something since she's usually being bossed around by Mackenzie! ;)

Such a sweetie!

After play time, we all headed to the food court for lunch.  The kids had their own table and did great!  8 or 9 kids 5 years and under - not bad!
On our way out to the car I let Meredith and Miranda look around Build-A-Bear.  We didn't buy anything, but Meredith loved looking at all of the accessories!  If we didn't already have so many stuffed animals, I would probably love that place, but 3 ponies, 2 reindeer, an elephant and bear later, I'm not really wanting any more! ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Back in March, we booked a hotel stay at the Woodlands resort - sort of a staycation for this June. A few days before we were supposed to go, we checked the weather and there was a large chance of rain during those days, so we abruptly changed plans and decided to go to Schlitterbaun in New Braunfels. I think Brandon had gone before, but it was my first time and obviously the girls' too.  We got stuck in traffic on our way out of town (you'd think we wouldn't since we are so far out) and didn't get there until dinner time.  We had to eat at Cooper's BBQ!  So delicious!
It's blurry, but the girls just discovered they could blow bubble in their drinks when I took the picture! ;)  Also, Meredith is such a picky eater that she ate Fritos and a pickle for dinner.  Eh, it's a vacation, right?

We got back in time to walk around the park for a little bit and see where we wanted to go the next morning.

We also had time to roast marshmallows around a campfire.  You, know because campfires feel great in 80 degree weather! ;)  Yummy smores!

Me and Mackenzie!

The girls enjoyed this swing.  There may have been arguing over who was going to push it with their feet. :/
But they got over it and still had fun!
As always, Meredith had to pose for her picture!

Our cabin was kind of old and of course, sleeping with kids in the bed isn't easy.  Brandon had Meredith and I had Miranda and we DID NOT sleep well at all!  The next morning we hung out, ate breakfast and waited for the park to open. ;)

The girls had fun and we spent about 5 hours at the park, but we were tired by the afternoon and Brandon and I weren't looking forward to another sleepless night, so we went home early! 
The girls loved these little slides!

I think we'll need to wait for the girls to be a little bigger before we go again and we plan on doing our original plan at the Woodlands one day.  For the now, the girls had fun and they don't realize yet that vacations can be longer! Ha!
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