Saturday, May 30, 2015

First Trip to the Beach

Two weeks ago, Brandon and I drove the kids to the beach for their first visit.  We weren't sure how they might react, but they all really liked it!  It was a great day without seaweed or jelly fish!

Miranda was the first one in and loved it!

Then the big girls went in the water and had fun too.

Meredith enjoyed the water, but I think Mackenzie liked it the most!

Miranda really enjoyed digging in the wet sand.  I gave her a bucket and a shovel and she dug for almost an hour.

So, fun and I'm sure I will do it again!

Friday, May 29, 2015

All dressed up!

When I blogged about Meredith's school program, I forgot about the pictures I took before the program.  The girls were so cute in their dresses and we had some extra time before we had to leave, so picture time!

I LOVE Miranda's face in this picture.
Meredith has to "pose" in every picture and never just stands normally anymore.

And since Brandon wasn't home yet, we had a group selfie or two.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mackenzie's first Field Day

At the beginning of the month, Mackenzie had her first Field Day and let me tell you, it is much different than field days I had when I was in elementary school.  With 11 kindergarten classes in one school, field day is big!  Mackenzie's class chose their name and Ms. Galyen told them it needed to be cute and nice, so they chose Cutie Pirates (it was a pirate theme).
Each class had a tent and the kids brought their own towel to sit in.
Meredith fell in the parking lot on the way to school that morning and scraped her knee.  We had to go to the nurses office to get cleaned up and get a bandaid, so she was in a funk for the rest of the morning.  However, she did enjoy some time sitting with Mackenzie.
I loved seeing Mackenzie with her sweet friends.

Thankfully, for the most part, Miranda was content sitting on the blanket I brought, especially since her big sister "needed" the stroller because of her scraped knee.  Let me tell you how fun it was pushing a 35 pound child in a stroller while carrying a 20 pound child on your hip.  THAT was a hoot!

I didn't get to see all the events Mackenzie "competed" in, but I saw most of them (remember how I said Meredith was in a funk?).  I loved that for most of the kids, it was not a race.  They were just doing what they had been practicing and trying their best.  One of the events was the "one-eyed pirate" where they had to cover one eye and carry a ball/egg on a spoon.  Most of the kids were walking so slow so that their ball wouldn't fall off.  It was too cute!  This was some sort of relay where they just sprayed water on a target.  They all seemed to like it even if it was super simple. ;)
The last event was full class participation passing cups of water through the line.  They were so careful not to spill any of the water! ;)
Class picture - it's hard to get 20-22 kids to look the same way, especially when there were at least 10 moms taking pictures at the same time! ha!  Mackenzie's in the back.

First field day in the books.  I'm curious to see how the events change as they get older, if they even do.  In 4 or 5 years, I'll be spending a good amount of my time at the school for 3 separate field day events.  At least I won't have other kids tagging along by then! ;)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Splash Day

Meredith's last day of preschool for the year was a couple of weeks ago and they always end the year with a "Splash Day"! 
Even at splash day, Meredith still follows all of the rules.  Here she is walking with her "bubble" in her mouth. ;)
Jumping in water is so much fun! ;)
Miranda wasn't too sure about water out side.  She likes baths, but this was her first "swim" of the season.  She just kind of stood there for a little while.
Meredith was sweet and tried to help her by giving her a toy.

Eventually, she had fun and stomped a little bit in the water.  She was actually upset when I told her it was time to go, so I guess she enjoyed herself despite getting upset every time water got in her face.

The different classes were rotating between "stations", so when I moved over to the cars and bounce house, Miranda was super excited to get in the toy car.
This is her "cheese" face.

Of course, this was fun too.  whatever it is. ;)

One day they'll both look a the camera at the same time! ;)

Just as we were heading home and Meredith was going inside, it started to rain.  I think that might have been the start of all this rain we've been having the last few weeks.  Or maybe in the middle since it seems like its been raining for forever.  We get a day of sunshine about every 3 or 4 day - ugh.  Anyways, preschool is over for the year and we are so close to elementary school being over for the year! yay!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mothers Day

For Mother's Day we went to my parents' house for lunch.  Miranda actually sat with Uncle Ryan!  With three kids, there seems to be one child that is having an off day when we have family functions.  For this one, it was Meredith, so Miranda was cool with everyone!
The girls liked looking at Moshi's table.  Oooh, all kinds of breakables! ;)
We made faces while waiting for Granny and Papa to arrive.

They stayed in their church clothes until Granny took their picture.  Then, they changed into more comfortable clothing, which just happened to be more dresses! ;)

See, Miranda enjoyed spending time with everyone that day! YAY!

Next came family pictures.  Granny and Papa with their children!

Just the siblings!

Meredith taught Rhonda some of the silly poses she does.

Once the little girls joined in, Dennis hopped out and we had an all girl picture.  Well, we tried to get a real picture. ;)

My girls and their poses.  :/

Another fun Mother's Day.  Maybe next year, I'll take a picture with my momma! ;)
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