Saturday, March 28, 2015

Riding a boat!

For the last 3 springs, we have gone strawberry picking near my grandparent's house, but this year with all the rain, we couldn't manage it. :/  However, we still went to visit Granny & Papa and had a great time. 

The big girls wanted to play with Penny.

However, all their squeals and antics causes her to be a little anxious - Granny to the rescue.

Miranda was interested up until just after this picture when I sat on the floor with her.  Penny walked right up to her and practically licked her ear.  She didn't want anything to do with her after that! ;)

After lunch we went out side and played on Papa's new toy! ;)  Miranda was our captain!
Meredith wasn't too sure about it at first, so she just sat and watched us for a little while.
But, eventually she was brave enough to try it.
Still cautious and sitting with Granny.

Wishing she could touch the water...

Meredith finally ventured to the edge and then started feeding the fish!

Miranda wanted to copy whatever her sisters were doing!

Such cute little girls and beautiful weather!

By the end of our ride, all of the girls were feeding the fish...
Miranda decided it was much easier to just pick up the feed off the floor and throw it in from there.  Her big sisters are soooo messy! ;)

Although we didn't get to pick strawberries, this was a lot of fun.  My parents and brother came over later that day so the girls got to spend time with them as well.  We even rode the golf cart around to see the cows.  The girls (and I) weren't a big fan of all the mud and poop mixed together, but at least we didn't have to walk through it!  Maybe next year we'll be able to pick strawberries!

Preschool with Meredith - Week 8

I'm pretty sure I say this every time I post a preschool with Meredith post, but "I am sooo behind!".  We just finished the letter G today and here I am posting about the letter B!  Our theme was Winter, so obviously it was a little while ago!

This was the first of 3 units that we talk about Moses in the Bible.  Mackenzie did this same craft when she was this age and I decided to do it again with Meredith.  The bushes are her hand prints and she cut the grass all by herself.

Coloring sheets for baby Moses and the burning bush (Mama's Learning Corner).  I know she looks bored in this first photo, but I promise she likes to do school! ;) 

And thanks to a Bible Hour take home from church, we had a puzzle to do!

Animal ABC's:
We still love 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC's.  B is for Bear!  She loves to cut and paste!

Tracing takes absolutely forever now because she insists on making "rainbow lines".  She changes the color every time she traces a few dashed lines. :/
And she added stamps to this one!
Dot marker fun and tracing...
This was one of my favorite moments with her.  She was supposed to color one of the bears green, so she said, "Look momma, I'm going to make it green!"  She colored it blue first and then yellow! ;)

More tracing and cut/paste with lowercase B - butterflies.

Letter B:
We did some other letter B activities too!  ABC find it! by 1+1+1=1 is always fun.
Meredith especially liked gluing buttons to the letter B!  And sorting big and little B's.

Tracing B's and searching for B's in the printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Like I said earlier, we did this unit a while ago, so our theme was winter!  I have quite the collection of winter printables.  I think this first sheet is from 3Dinosaurs - she does pretty well with patterns.  We also matched numbers/objects in a set from Gift of Curiosity.

This puzzle from 3Dinosaurs, I've had printed for a couple of years, but obviously the girls still like it!
These snowflake puzzles are from 1+1+1=1.  We always start with the colored ones first since they are easier.  Then we move to the black ones.  She needed help with a few, but other than that she did pretty well.

The remainder of the "Winter" activities are from Gift of Curiosity.  Upper and lowercase match.
Counting/matching and counting 1-10...

For the alphabet printable I changed it up a bit and found our Scattergories dice so we could roll for the letter.

It's only a 20 sided die, so several letters were missing.  Eventually, she got tired of rolling the dice and just picked it up and chose the letters.
Building a snowman and "following the arrows".  Following the arrows still proves to be a little challenging, but she's getting better.
Patterns and counting and dot markers.  Everything is better with dot markers!

We tried a little sequencing from the letter B tot school printables from 1+1+1=1. 
Of course we had to pull out the counting bears!  Sorting and simple addition just by counting the colors.

And then she just played!

Shape tracing and pom pom play.

And her finished board after all of our "studies"!

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