Thursday, February 27, 2014

Miranda's turn

I blog about the big girls quite a bit, so now it's Miranda's turn!  I bought some new clothes for Miranda the other day since she doesn't have very many below 12 months.  Plus, she's just barely in 6 months clothing which was winter clothing for Meredith.  Anyways, since all of her new clothes are such bright colors and I don't take too many photos of her, we had a mini photo shoot.

Taking pictures of a baby that doesn't sit up is a bit difficult.  There was a lot of this...

which led to this...

But its all worth it when you finally get this!

The only close up that wasn't blurry!

I find myself (again) not taking very many photos and need to work on that!  My 365 blog kind of fell off the radar when Miranda was born, so maybe I should restart that again.  You my spare time! ;)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Paper Pumpkin

My mom signed me up for Stampin Up's Paper pumpkin.  She said it was my "paper inspiration" every month.  I was so excited the other day when I received my first box!  It came with everything I needed including the clear stamping block to use with future stamps.

It was super easy to create the 4 cards and although a couple of them are not perfect, they are really cute anyway.  The hardest part of making cards (for me) is designing them, so the fact that this was already designed was great.

Anyone want me to send them a card? ;)

It feels so good to be creative again.  When Meredith was a baby, I started staying up until 11 working on different crafty/creative projects.  I think I might have to start that up again, now that Miranda is a little more consistent in her evening sleep schedule.  I definitely need the creative outlet on a regular basis!  I can't wait for my next Paper Pumpkin box next month!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Things to Remember

It's that time again...where I blog about all of the random things that have been happening lately or funny things the girls have said.  This is also where I document some of my instagram and facebook posts, so those of you who follow me on either, this might be duplicates of things you've seen.  ;)

Swim lessons are going great!  Both girls promoted to the next level yesterday.  Meredith promoted because of age, but either way, they both got certificates!  YAY!

We received a TON of books from my mother-in-law.  She's retiring and brought lots of her books from school.  They've been loved on these last 20 years, but my girls are still super excited about all of the "new" books we have.  We read 6 last night before bed!  Meredith has a new favorite book - There was an old lady who swallowed a bell.  You would think it's the only one we have since I read it 3 times yesterday and that doesn't count the number of times she "read" it to herself!

I typically vacuum our floors rather than sweep. That's the reasoning I'm going with when my 5 year old says, "oh, that's how you sweep."  I know Mackenzie has seen me sweep.  I know she has...I think. ;) 

After explaining what a journal is (something I use to write things I want to remember), Mackenzie says "I need to get one of those soon because I can't hold any more remembers in my head. The remembers just keep falling out and I need to write them down!" This is by far one of my favorite things Mackenzie has ever said! Brandon asked me if I corrected her and I said no because it was just too cute.  I correct her enough with her grammar, this can stay as it is for now.

Meredith is 2.  Meredith is TWO.  Whether you call it the "terrible twos" or the "terrific twos", I keep telling myself - she's two.  This too shall pass. ;)  She's very independent at this point and insists on doing everything herself!  I've had to explain to a screaming/crying mess that she can't do everything - there are some things momma and daddy have to do.  With that said, I do let her do most things by herself, when I can.  She's really into flushing the toilet all by herself.  Sunday morning, I accidentally flushed the toilet and you would have thought the world was about to end based on her reaction.  I told her I was sorry and that she could flush the toilet again, but she cried out, "nooooooo, my teetees are goooooonnnnneeee!!!!!!"  Lots of screaming and crying ensued, followed by stomping her feet, freaking out and ultimately a spanking and time out in her bedroom.  That was fun at 8:30am while trying to get all 3 girls ready for church!  Then at church, the automatic flush went off while I was trying to put her diaper back on.  Can we say deja vu - just re-read the sentences above about what happened next, minus the time out in her bedroom, since we were out in PUBLIC!!!  She's two, she's two, she's two.  Hurry up 3's! ;)

Miranda is 6 months old tomorrow!  We don't go to the doctor until next week, so I'll blog her stats later.  In the meantime, I think she is teething right now.  It's hard to tell, since I think it's her bottom teeth and that pesky tongue gets in the way all the time.  Only time will tell.  I'm hoping that accounts for her massive amounts of drool, slight fussiness and different sleep schedule.  Come on teeth! ;)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valentine's Day

Brandon surprised all of us with flowers on Valentine's Day!  I gave all three girls books and Brandon gave me this beautiful necklace with the girls names on it.

The picture isn't very good since I took it while I was wearing the necklace, but I love it!

In January I decided that since Valentine's Day was on a Friday, I would let the girls have a small party where they could invite a few of their friends.  Really, Mackenzie invited her friends and since all 3 of them have siblings Meredith's age, she had friends too!  At Christmas I discovered the nail stuck in the wall from the previous owners was perfect for one of our wreaths.  It was also perfect for our Valentine's wreath I bought a couple of years ago and never hung up!  I think this spot will become our wreath spot for all of the holidays.  Now to find 10 more wreaths for the remainder of the year! ;)
The party was really just a large playdate with a few organized activities.  I had a craft table where I just gathered different crafting supplies for everyone to make valentines' if they wanted to.  I had all of these supplies and only bought a couple of packages each of pipe cleaners and pom poms from the Target dollar spot!
The girls loved crafting!

I originally planned to make my own chocolate and strawberry playdough.  But it didn't happen that morning between getting everything/everyone ready and nursing/caring for Miranda.  So, we pulled out the playdough we already had.  I'd say it was still a big hit based on the amount of play dough that was on the ground after the party. ;)
The final activity was playing with sensory bins.
The smaller bin was the same exact one we used last year.  (Read I didn't change out the beans for entire year.)  I did add some heart erasers and heart chain link things.
The larger sensory bin had colored ice cream salt, fake rose petals (dollar store), valentine erasers and fabric hearts I picked up at the dollar store.
The ice cream salt is fun and super easy to color.  I colored 3 different boxes with varying amounts of food coloring.  The day I made it I heard Meredith coughing/gagging because she decided to see what it tasted like.  :/  We had to have a discussion on not putting sensory bin items in our mouth! (On a side note, that same day Meredith had tried to eat a lime at the grocery store and had made the same sound.  I guess lime rind doesn't taste very good.)
I'm pretty sure everyone liked the sensory bins...again, based on the mess. ;)

Earlier in the week, Mackenzie and I made a banner to hang up.  Another Target dollar spot find.
I made heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids, along with other finger foods.

The big girls...
The little kids...

These dairy free sugar cookies were delicious!  I may or may not have eaten the other half of the unbaked cookie dough all by itself over the next couple of days. The kiddos had a lot to choose from when it came to decorating the cookies.
The moms that came to this party were awesome!  They helped out so much when it came to the food and activities.  The big girls really enjoyed decorating their cookies.  They used LOTS of sprinkles! I'm also surprised they ate a cookie with so many different candies on it. ;)

The little kids enjoyed it too!
Meredith decided it was easier to decorate the icing on her plate and then try to spread that onto her cookie! ;)

And just because Miranda slept through most of the party, I had to take her picture at the end of the day when she was no longer wearing her matching pants! ;)

Note to self: when taking VALENTINES pictures, don't have child lay on a CHRISTMAS blanket! ;)  Well, that's Valentine's 2014!  Next year, Mackenzie will be in Kindergarten and have her own party, but maybe we can still do something for Meredith and Miranda.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Preschool - K4: Letter C

Although we've changed how we are doing "school", we did complete some of our Letter C unit.  We didn't complete everything because I realized about 3/4 of the way through that our hearts weren't in it.  Below is the recap of what we did do.

While I love the Raising Rock Stars curriculum from 1+1+1=1, we are taking a break from using those printables.  We did complete a few...
Following directions..
Drawing things that start with the letter C.  The picture on the right is supposed to be our car - a Honda Pilot.  Not to bad for 5 years old! ;)
Learning sign language.  This is something she has always liked, so I think we'll continue to learn these.  My mom bought little flash cards/wall cards that we can use to practice and maybe I'll print these sheets out for review every once in a while.  Actually, I should probably print and laminate so that we can use them over and over.
Tracing the bible verse...
I also printed the craft activity from the Raising Rock Stars Preschool curriculum for the same verse. 

Letter C:
Tracing letters and letter hunt - both from Confessions of a Homeschooler...

We also made the letter C using different geometric shapes.

Sight Words:
She jumped at the chance to use our new stickers (thank you Target dollar spot) while we reviewed all of the sight words we've learned in the last year.  I was really proud of her for remembering the words we learned so long ago!
Our words this week in the You Can Read curriculum were "do", "all", "little", "we".  She traced the words...

connected the dots...
followed directions and circled the words in the correct color...
Using the starts again, she did the word path sheets from 3Dinosaurs...
She used her new markers from Santa to color her sight words by number...

While at the dollar store, we bought some more glass gems and I finally got around to hot gluing magnets to the back to create a new manipulative for the girls.  Mackenzie loved using the "magnetic gems" while doing the find the same sight words printables from 3Dinosaurs.

She worked on matching color words from this set from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  It was fairly easy since the letters were color coordinated with the mat, but she still enjoyed it.
Tracing 2's (confessions of a homeschooler)...
Meredith and I picked up this foam puzzle at the dollar store a couple of weeks ago and Mackenzie insisted that it be part of our school activities.
One of my favorite things we did was counting to 100!  I printed and laminated these number cards from COAH this past summer and we are finally getting around to using them.  First, I had her sort them by color...
Then, we took each pile and laid them out in order.  On a side note about Mackenzie's memory...I told her we needed to find the 1 card and she said, "oh, that one is behind the 6."  When I picked up the pile of cards from 1-10, just below the 6 card, about 4 cards down was the 1 card.  It's crazy what she recalls!  Anyway, our table was perfect for all of the cards when we overlapped them a little.
Afterwards, she insisted on counting them all over again!  And even though she hasn't had 100 days of school, it sort of coincided with all the other 100 days of school celebrations.
Another dollar store find...beads.  They had fun practicing their fine motor skills while lacing beads on a pipe cleaner.
Pattern blocks...

So that's our wrap up for the letter C.  This isn't the end of my home preschool wrap ups with Mackenzie, but they will be a little different from here on out.  I'm hoping to recap books we read or different themes we do.  We'll see what the next 6 months bring!

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