Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday with Tiny - 2014 Vol. 4

This will be our last installment, unless Tiny does something extraordinary tomorrow morning for her last day. ;)  This week she was a little funnier thanks to pinterest and a silly dad. ;)

One morning last week, she wanted us to listen to some music.

Just hanging out in the ipad basket.

She normally brings pajamas on Christmas Eve, but she heard us talking about Mackenzie having a last minute pajama day at school on Friday, so she brought them a little early!  She's so prepared for the unexpected! ;)
She decided to cook some m&m's one morning.  I'm pretty sure I would love breakfast at the North Pole!

One morning she showed up with two skirts on!  The girls asked her if she would come back the next day with all three skirts on.
So she did! ;)
And this morning she showed up in one of Miranda's new Christmas gifts - reading stories with Mother Goose.
We'll miss Tiny when she's gone, but we've had fun this past month!  Until next year!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas photos

Taking pictures of all three girls is always interesting.  You may remember how last year's "photo shoot" ended.

This year started how last year's ended.  Think about that for a second and then see the pictures below!

The second picture is in the Christmas card!  "Wishing you great JOY!" ;) 

The reason behind the meltdown and awkwardness of Mackenzie is that these beautiful dresses are a bit itchy.  The metallic threads stick out and itch the girls.  I knew they were itchy, so I tried to trim the threads around the neck and arm holes.  I had two cake pops waiting for them for after the ordeal. ;)
After 5 minutes (if that) of absolutely no good group shots, I gave up and decided to take individual shots outside.  I left Meredith inside to continue her fit.  Mackenzie's pictures were great.


Miranda was starting to get upset outside, so no additional outside shots aside from the ones I took inside.

Back inside, Meredith had calmed down and decided that she wanted her picture taken outside too, so we did.

I have no idea how or why she turned her left foot all the way around, but she insisted I take her picture in this pose! ;)

After those wonderful shots I went back inside to see if Mackenzie wanted to take pictures outside - all three were happy, after all.  But unfortunately, I had told her she could take off the dress and there was no way she was putting it back on. :/  So, no all-three-smiling group shots (will that ever happen?), but that's ok.  These picture tell about what our life is really like! ;)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Preschool with Meredith - Week 5

All of our ailments in November really wiped me out for blogging about our home preschool and also actually doing home preschool lessons.  At some point in the last couple of months, we managed to complete our unit for the letter I and the story of Abraham.

God told Abraham his descendents would be as many as stars in the sky, so we colored some stars (ABCjesuslovesme.com), 
and did a counting star booklet from Hubbard's Cupboard.  She got a little tired by the time we go to number 8, but we pushed through it and completed the book! The sparkly star stickers definitely helped! ;)

Animal ABC's:
Using the Animal ABC's from 1+1+1=1 and the letter I was for Iguana.  She does the same thing Mackenzie did with things like this: "This one is the daddy iguana. This is the momma iguana and this is the baby iguana."  On the tracing sheet, she also wrote her own letter I's and I'm not sure what she is drawing in the corner. :)

After tracing each shape, she always insists on coloring them in.  For the number tracing, she usually wants to go in any order she wants to, but his time I had her go in order and count with me, so that she might remember the numbers after 10.
Coloring and tracing...
The lowercase letter I used cutouts of inchworms.  I think she is making a movement with her hands while talking about inchworms. ;)

Letter I:
In addition to the Animal ABC's we did other letter I activities.  We worked on size order with inchworms from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  She also traced I's using our laminated letter tracing printables from COAH.
Meredith also sorted uppercase and lower case i's from Lovely Commotion's letter I pack.  She said one of the lowercase i's looked like the number 1.  ;)

We even pulled out Mackenzie's letter notebook from a couple of years ago to look at the letter I vocabulary cards from Carissa's Raising Rock Star's printables.

Theme: Ice Cream
She really enjoyed talking about ice cream as we worked on a printable pack from A Gift of Curiosity.  She LOVES her dot markers, so these packs are great for her!

We counted and said our ABC's while we stamped/dotted the corresponding number and letter.  This printable pack has the same type of worksheet but filled with other letters and numbers to make it more like a maze, but that has proven to be a little difficult for Meredith right now, so we stick to the simplified sheets.

Patterns with dot markers are also fun! ;)  The first time I saw the worksheet on the right, I didn't understand the point of having arrows between each dot for the path.  However, after working on these sheets with Meredith, I get it.  It takes her a little bit to understand that she has to follow the direction of the arrow to know where she can put her dot marker.  It's like a pre-curser to mazes.  It's a little challenging for her, but that's good!

We used stickers instead of dot markers for these sheets.

Recognizing the letter I...

I was so impressed with her on this next activity.  She had to stamp the uppercase and lowercase i's in different colors and I thought she would do it one color at a time, but she put one color in each hand and went fairly fast.  AND she stamped every letter correctly! ;)

Matching shapes and patterns...

Although Meredith loves doing "worksheets", I try to do other activities that don't involve writing or worksheets.  We rolled a foam die and found it's matching dots on another die.  And vice versa.

We made shapes with popsicle sticks.  One day I'd like to do the pinterest idea that puts velcro dots on the ends to keep the shapes in place, but for now, plain and simple works. ;)

Ooops...a worksheet! ;)  Shape tracing and coloring, plus tracing the number 8.

We worked on color sorting and patterning with our kitty cat counters.  The puzzle stackers were fun.  I guess I hadn't done these with her before and didn't realize that the middle stack would be a little difficult.  We learned a lot about size sorting/sequence! ;)

And to prove how long ago we completed this lesson, here's a picture from a HALLOWEEN bingo we played! ;)
Her completed work from the lesson (much of it is stacked on top of each other).

Letter O is next!  We've completed the lesson, but obviously I haven't blogged about it.
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