Friday, November 29, 2013

Instagram Pics

I joined Instagram a couple of years ago and haven't used it much until more recently.  For those of you not on Instagram or facebook, here are some of my favorite photos and comments from the last couple of months.

Trying something new for lunch today.

Forget the playground, smashing acorns is much more fun!

We give these to Meredith for fiber and this is a new flavor. She took a Sip/swallow, handed it back to me and said, "me sick". As in this made me sick...I don't like it! I guess we won't be buying this flavor again.

"I not a sweaty girl" she says with her hair stuck to her face.

I told mackenzie to pick out a book tonight and she said, "i got the one with the butterfly ropin' grapes." First, thats a bluebonnet. Second, I didn't know butterflies could rope things.

We start swim lessons again in January, so I made the girls try on their suits to see if they need new ones. Now they want to wear their swim suits all day. The high may only be 55 today, but we are having a swim day INSIDE!

She kept saying "i Minnie mouse!" Because of the pink bow. Who knew Minnie mouse wore camo?

This is how Miranda sleeps most of the day! At least I have 2 free arms!
Snuggles with this girl after everyone has gone to bed makes my day/week.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Miranda is 3 months!

Miranda turned 3 months old yesterday.  Because she was a preemie, she is able to get a vaccination for RSV (a respiratory virus that can cause bronchitis and pneumonia), so today, she had her second of 5 monthly shots she will get to complete the vaccination.  Because of the monthly doctor visit, I'm able to see how much she's grown in the last month and have a real weight (not an estimate) as of this morning.

Weight: 10 pounds (just under 5th percentile)
Height (my estimate): 22 1/2" (10th percentile)

Above are her percentiles as she compares to normal 3 month old baby girls, but if you use her adjusted age (7 weeks), she is just below average for weight and just above average for height.  Basically, she's doing great and growing like she should.

At 3 months, Miranda...
- nurses 7 or 8 times a day.
- is starting to sleep longer at night between feedings - yay!
- is still allergic to cow's milk.  We are pretty sure she's allergic to soy as well.  After several days of not having it (and having a happy baby), last night she was gassy and spit up twice (she rarely spits up).  I looked at the ingredients for the Arby's honey wheat bun I had for lunch and sure enough it had soy in it.  That seals the deal for me - no more soy!  It's quite a bummer since I LOVE graham crackers as a dessert!
- wears 0-3 month clothing
- is very attached to me and loves to be carried around in the sling.  I probably wear if for half of the day (about 5-6 hours a day), every day!
- smiles on a regular basis.  Mackenzie especially likes to try and make her smile.
- hates tummy time - just like Mackenzie did!
- has starting cooing and trying to "talk" to us.

For comparison, here are the three girls at 3 months:
For now, Miranda is a perfect mix of the two big girls.  We'll see who she favors as she gets older.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pantry Organization

I FINALLY re-organized my pantry!  It's been on my to-do list since before Miranda was born.  I love our pantry - it's large and has a LOT of storage.  But, because of that it has become sort of a catch all for anything related to the kitchen. Besides food, it held paper plates and napkins from several years of birthday parties, paper towels, lunch boxes, cake plates, large drink server, ice tea maker and anything else that we could cram in.  It was a  mess and was slowly starting to drive me crazy!

I started this summer with completing my labeled glass canisters.  I used my cricut and vinyl adhesive to create these beauties!

Then, 5 months later, I finally re-organzied the pantry! ;)  It started with the purchase/delivery of our new dining table and matching china cabinet a couple of weeks ago.

By filling the cabinet, I practically cleared out our butler's pantry area.  

And of course having that area open for more storage, I was able to relocate many items from the pantry - like cook books, lunch boxes, pitchers and other large serve wear.  Here's my pantry from earlier this summer.  The food may be a little different, but the general messiness was still there this past week!

There was somewhat of an organization, but it was getting too crowded with all of the other miscellaneous stuff being stored in the pantry.  My pantry is located on the opposite side of our kitchen from our breakfast table, so I did not do the typical "pull everything out" clean out.  I was carrying Miranda in the sling and I didn't know when she would decide she had had enough, so walking across the kitchen 100 times carrying stuff wasn't ideal for me.  Instead I just started rearranging while I was standing there in the pantry.  I kind of had an idea of where I wanted things, but it ended up changing while I was putting things in their place.  Several groups were moved a couple of times in the process.  Once I was complete, I was pretty excited.  My pantry looks so clean now!

 And of course, I have the side by side comparisons!  So much better! ;)

One organizing project down, let's find another! ;)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mackenzie's thoughts...

Mackenzie is very much mine and Brandon's child, in that she is a planner!  Everything is laid out and thought through in her mind.  She even tells her plans when it comes to bathroom breaks...

"I'm going to the bathroom while you finish what you are doing.  Then you can get our snack and then we'll play ____."

The other day she told me the colors of the vitamins she needed for the next few days.  She doesn't just plan the immediate future, but has months and years already planned out, too.  About a month ago she asked me when she could drive and when I told her in 11 more years, she asked how many sleeps that was! Ha - I love the way kids think!

She has altered her career choice a little and decided to be a doctor and an artist, rather than doctor and astronaut.  As soon as she decided on artist, she said, "now I just have to figure out what days I'll do each one."  I told her maybe she should be an artist on the weekends or at night and she seemed ok with that. ;)

Her biggest dilemma that she brings up every couple of weeks is where she's going to live when she grows up.  For whatever reason, at first she thought she needed to move to another state and she was concerned with what states have tornadoes.  We told her that most tornadoes happen north of us and she doesn't have to leave Texas if she doesn't want to.  She seems ok with this, but then just this week she told me she still wasn't sure what city she was going to live in. The stresses a 5 year old has these days are crazy! ;)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Flashback: flower dress

August 28, 2011 - This is me and Mackenzie the day before Meredith was born.  Mackenzie is three weeks shy of being 3 years old.  She's wearing one of my favorite dresses.  That being said, I can't help but add a picture of Meredith wearing the same dress at 2 years, 2 months.
I can't wait to see Miranda in the dress, although I'm pretty sure she'll be closer to 3 years old, like Mackenzie, before she wears it.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Purple, Purple!

Most days Miranda wears plain onesies. Mainly because we are inside most of the time, but also because up until recently, her clothes were too big.  Now that she can fit in the clothing better, I'm starting to actually "dress" her more.  Tuesday, I decided to take pictures of her in the cute little purple outfit a friend of ours gave us.
It fit her really well for a 0-3 month outfit.  Yay!  She doesn't look to thrilled, though! :)  Her smiles are coming more often, but considering her adjusted age is just 6 weeks old, she's right on track.

I think those blue eyes are here to stay!

Her cheeks are so chubby and she rocks the double chin very well! ;)

Meredith joined in the fun too!

I had Meredith get in the chair with Miranda, so I could get a picture of just them (Mackenzie was at school).
This was their first picture together in "the chair", so I of course had to find Mackenzie and Meredith's first picture in the chair!
Now, I just need a picture of all three!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Meredith the fashionista!

Meredith LOVES to dress up!  Her favorites are this pink dress and additional tutu.  Because you can never wear too much tulle!

On Halloween, Mackenzie got to wear her costume to school, so Meredith wanted to wear a costume too.  She went to Miranda's doctor appointment dressed as Minnie!

Last week she wore her go-to outfit again!
Every morning just after I dress her, she comes up to me with the dress and says, "put dress on me".  This morning I told her she had to wait until after we got back from dropping Mackenzie off at school.  Sure enough, within 20 minutes of getting home, she brought me the dress.  She's still wearing it as I type.

My favorite outfit so far is the one below - cowboy hat, tulle skirt, high heels and a magic wand!
 Gotta love her style! :)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Miranda Newborn Photos

A month ago, a friend of mine took Miranda's newborn photos.  These are a few of my favorites...

I LOVE them so much!

She also does maternity and birthing photos, so if you are looking for a photographer, go check out Jayna's website.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Flashback: Ballerina

My flashback isn't from a long time go really, just May of this year, but I couldn't resist pulling up this photo after looking at our Halloween photos. 

I guess I should have put tights on Meredith and pulled her hair back in some way to get the full look.  But, let's face it, she would never have let me do her hair and tights on a Halloween in Houston - not cold enough! :)
So those are our ballerinas!  I'm guessing at some point, Meredith will ask to go to dance classes (probably around 3 years old like Mackenzie).  She already loves to dance and her and Mackenzie play "dance class" together just about every other day.  We'll see what the future holds.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Aggie Day

A few weeks ago, Brandon took Mackenzie with him to tailgate at one of A&M's games with his company.  This was her first real trip to A&M (we've driven by to show her) and I think they had a blast.  They left at 9:00am and came home around 5:30 or 6:00.
Brandon said they did a lot of walking, which would normally have her complaining in the first few minutes, but I think she was so excited to be there with Brandon that she didn't mind.  She even met and played with another 5 year old Mackenzie.  I'm so glad she had fun and hopefully all of us can go next year.

With the knowledge of the Aggies and Aggieland becoming a reality, she talks about them a little more.  On Halloween day we were headed to school and she randomly said, "I sure hope those Aggies don't get wet!"  I laughed and told her that unfortunately, they were going to get wet, because unlike dropping her off at school, Aggies have to park far away from their classrooms and walk in the rain.  Of course, this led to the popular question, "why". :)  Maybe in 13 years she'll be one of the Aggies getting wet in the rain! ;)
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