Friday, May 12, 2017

Miscellaneous videos

Sometimes I forget I have taken videos because I store them in a different folder on my computer. Today I'm posting a few videos from the past couple of months.

Brandon counts their toes and it's hilarious.  See if you can see why his number is different!

"No trolls left behind!"  From the movie "Trolls."

This made me laugh over spring break.  The girls are singing to the songs as if they were "Siri" on the ipad.  Too funny!

Also, I have a youtube channel where I upload all of these videos. If you are ever looking for a good laugh, go here!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Meredith and basketball

Meredith dribbles a small bouncy ball around the house a lot.  So much that we often have to ask her to stop doing it while we are watching TV.  Last month, we finally bought her her first basketball.  She was so excited when we got home from school and had to play with it even though it was sprinkling outside!

She did great considering she's only used little plastic/rubber balls that are super easy to bounce.  Now if I can just convince her to play basketball on a team or a camp.  Both of my girls want nothing to do with competitions.  I guess that's good, but I think she would have a lot of fun if she gave it a try.

Meanwhile, Miranda was just chillin' while watching her sister! ;)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tongue Twisters

The girls got into tongue twisters a couple of weeks ago and it made for a great morning before school!

And this one is Meredith being super silly and singing her tongue twister! ;)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

March Miscellaney

After looking at all of these miscellaneous photos, I could probably do a post on just Miranda's crazy outfits and faces! There are a lot of those types of photos, but since school is in session, she's the one I spend the most time with.  However, the big girls are in these pictures too, so we'll just do the typical miscellany post for March.

One of the topics Mackenzie studied in Challenge (GT) this year was archeology.  They mummified a hot dog and put in a sarcophagus. Aaaaand they brought it home - yay! ;)  After it sitting on the counter for a couple of weeks grossing me out, I told her we would take a picture of it and throw it away. She agreed, so here's the picture.  The box was actually taped up and I never saw the hotdog, but knowing there was a dried, shriveled up hot dog inside just grossed me out. yuck!

Not all things Mackenzie brings home are weird though. ;)  In February they brought home a bluebonnet plant that had no blooms, but we were told to plant it right away.  We did and were so excited when we saw it bloom in our own backyard in March!  We can't wait to see how much it spreads next year!

Miranda was quite accessorized on this day!  I don't even know where we were going, but apparently she need her hair fixed, a headband AND a necklace!

Miranda really wanted to color with me on this day, so I obliged! ;)

Miranda makes a great lunch date and will eat with me at most any place I go.  The big girls would make a huge fuss if I said chipotle, but Miranda scream, yay! ;)

Before school fun!

These silly girls!  I think one day, Meredith will be the one in the back!

Mackenzie with her friend before school.  Don't be fooled by her friend's height thinking Mackenzie is short.  Mackenzie is the 2nd tallest girl in her class, but Sydnee is super tall, plus she had a little bit of heel in her shoes that day!

Miranda's, poor Old Hippo was falling apart because she pulls all of it's fur out.  She/He had a big hole in it's head.  I grabbed some fabric squares I had and asked her to pick a color.  She chose bright green!  I then proceed to patch Old Hippo up and now he/she is as good as new.  Meredith said he looks like he has a chip on his forehead. ;)

Meredith was "Happy" to go to church on Sunday morning!

Not sure what the pout was all about for Miranda, but this is a cute picture of Meredith before school.

Meredith's class was working on letter writing back in March, and she came home with this letter for Mackenzie:

It reads:  Dear Mackenzie, I love you.  You are the best sister ever.  I am so lucky I have a sister like you.  Love, Meredith.  

Of course, I think this is the sweetest letter ever!  I hope and pray she always feels that way about her sisters!

Mackenzie switched beds/rooms with Miranda so I finally decorated her room how she wanted.  We picked out a new bedspread and went online to shop for wall decor.  I still need to print a large picture of the girls to put in the blue frame, but she was pretty happy with how it turned out.

I think it sprinkled one morning or afternoon and she insisted on carrying her umbrella.

Look, Miranda is a Minnie Mouse princess!

And now a butterfly with Minnie mouse shoes! ;)

My months are full of silly photos of the girls.  I don't even share all of the photos I take! ;)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Miranda and the petting zoo

Miranda's preschool had their annual Western Day and petting zoo back in March.  Miranda was very excited to dress up.

The above pictures are from walking Mackenzie and Meredith to school, but the one below is at her school.  She's looking at the ponies.

However, the animals in the pen proved to be too much for her!  She was way too scared and would not let go of my hand or leg!

This is her telling me she needed to leave!  We stayed in the pen maybe 5 minutes and she didn't touch a single animal unless it rubbed up against her accidentally.

However, she was excited to ride the pony!

I guess she felt more in control of it since she was on it and it wasn't just running all around her.

Afterwards she was a happy girl!

She still didn't want to go pet animals again, so we played on the playground instead!

I missed seeing Mackenzie at the petting zoo when she was in school, but Meredith went twice and always enjoyed petting the animals.  Miranda, however, is afraid of most animals, so I don't know why I was surprised she didn't like the petting zoo.  Although, I think a lot has changed in the just the last 9 months - basically when she turned 3, because last summer she held a baby chick and pet sheep and goats at a VBS petting zoo.  Well, maybe next year she'll pet the animals. ;)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Fun at the Museum

During Spring Break in March, our family went to the science museum.  It is one of the smaller ones, so we weren't there for long, but it was still fun to do and since we have a membership, it was "free". ;)

The girls are really into rocks and gemstones, so this was fun to see.

They also had a small set up where you could use a microscope to look at different sand from across the US.  Since we are going to Alabama/Florida this summer for our vacation, we made sure we looked at some of their sand too!

They have several dinosaur displays so that is always cool to see.

They also had a little table set up with different animal paws and skeletons to see if you could figure out what animal it belonged to.  This one I think was for the hippopotamus.

And this was the lion skull...

This is the normal display of skulls, so it was cool to see the others on the table.

Some of the animals heads are bigger than Miranda!

I think I like the frog exhibit the most.

Upstairs they had lots of hands on exhibits.

The whisper dome is fun too!  I have a video, but I think it will be too big to upload. :(

We weren't there very much longer after this area.  We did stay for one of the dome theater shows.  It was a little disappointing as it started with the Big Bang theory.  We had just attended a Gospel Meeting about Creationism and Dinosaurs the weekend before, so after the movie we reminded the girls about what we had learned in church and from the Bible.  It was good to be able to to talk about it with them and for them to understand and say, "I know, the movie was wrong.", but it's disappointing that science like that is blasted into kids heads all the time and basically says if you believe in the Bible you are wrong. :(

Anyways, despite the short film, we had fun!
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